Personalized CPAP Mask Improvement Program

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Having Issues or Problems With Your CPAP Mask?

Want to Explore Other Mask Options?

Welcome to The Personalized Mask Improvement Program

Mask problems such as leakage or discomfort are not only frustrating, but they can also have serious consequences. High leak can reduce the effectiveness of your therapy, and unresolved mask issues are the most frequent cause of discontinuing therapy. In other words, improving your CPAP mask experience is critical for your quality of life, but also the continuance of your therapy and your overall health.

(Update: We have found that MaskMate CPAP Mask Liners can solve many common mask problems.)

Fortunately, you do not have to resolve your mask issues alone, let us connect you with an experienced Clinical CPAP Therapist who will serve your personal mask consultant to help you find just the right mask for you. Mask problems are common, and our therapists have seen them all. Whether your mask is leaking, uncomfortable, bulky, broken, or loud, we can help you solve your mask problem through one-on-one interaction and support.

Our Personalized Mask Improvement Program is a concierge service that GUARANTEES that you will find the best possible long-term mask solution for your particular needs and preferences.  Through private one-on-one video consultations, your Clinical CPAP Therapist will work with you to diagnose your mask issues, understand your needs and preferences, and recommend solutions.  Your personal therapist will be available for a full six months for as many consultations as you need.

When it comes to solving mask problems, experience counts. All of our therapists have extensive experience with working with CPAP patients. They are dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping CPAP users get the most out of their therapy.

Step-by-Step Program

  • Create a CPAP TotalCare Account &  Complete Your Equipment & Therapy Profile

The CPAP TotalCare web based therapy management software makes it easy to create, store, and share a detailed equipment profile and also to store important information about the current status of your therapy.  After you register for the program below, you will be directed to a page where you can create your free CPAP TotalCare account.  After you create your account, you will create an equipment profile and your first ‘interactive therapy checkup. By answering a few questions in advance of your initial video consultation, you will be providing your therapist with critical information to help you get the results you want from the program.

  • telehealthguyInitial Video Consultation

Within 24 hours, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for an initial video consultation with your Clinical CPAP Therapist.  During your consultation, your therapist will give you a recap of the program and collect payment. Together, you will explore the issues you are having with your current mask and assist you in choosing a new mask.   Every mask in our catalog is available as an option and the program includes the cost of the mask.

  • Try-out Your New Mask

We want you to be happy with your new mask selection and the only way you will know if your new mask solves your mask problems is to use it.  Use your new mask for up to 30 days risk free. If at any time during the first 30 nights you decide you aren’t satisfied with your new mask, simply return it and your therapist will then assist you in picking a new one. No matter how many times you exchange your trial mask for a new one during the six-month program, you won’t pay any additional fees beyond shipping and handling charges for the replacement masks.

Any time you want help with fitting, adjustments, or anything else related to your mask, just schedule another video consultation with your therapist.

One-On-One Support From Your Personal Therapist Through Video Conferencing

The only thing better than having direct access to an expert who is passionate about what they do and committed to helping you get the most out of your therapy is being able to do it in the comfort of your own home.  Because we use the latest TeleHealth video conferencing technology we make it easy to have a face-to-face consultation at home.  Our video platform can be used by anyone with any mobile device or computer that has a microphone and webcam.


Includes Your Choice of Any Mask In Our Catalog

We want to help you put your mask problems behind you, so we’ve made every mask in our catalog available to you.  With the advice of your therapist, you have plenty of options to choose from including the latest and greatest masks on the market.


CPAP TotalCare Web-Based Therapy Management Software

The CPAP TotalCare web-based software makes it easy to track your therapy results, manage your equipment maintenance schedule, ask questions and get answers from qualified CPAP Therapists, find and view relevant videos, store documents and share them in a secure environment, and so much more!

The CPAP TotalCare software allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the data that is coming from your CPAP, as well as other health devices, with your very own personalized Therapy Dashboard. Look deeper into the health data you are creating and invite your clinicians to view your information to help maximize your therapy. With your personalized Therapy Dashboard you will be able to set goals and see how you are progressing over time.

With CPAP TotalCare you receive:

  • Interactive Checkups To Track Your Therapy History and Device Data
  • Equipment Notifications & Maintenance Reminders
  • Video Reference Library & Searchable FAQ Tuned Specifically for Your Equipment
  • Track Your Therapy and Health Data From All Major CPAPs
  • Store and Share Your Health Documents in a Secure Environment
  • Easy Self-service Supply Ordering

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time during the next six months you are not 100% satisfied with the service and results you get from this program, simply let us know and we will fix the problem. If we cannot fix the problem to your satisfaction, return your mask for a full refund.

Fees & Registration

All of the features of the program are available to you for a one-time fee of $249.

Remember, under the program you get unlimited video-conference support from an experienced professional, a new mask from any mask in our catalog, unlimited mask exchanges until you find the right mask, access to our full catalog range of masks, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and much more.

Now is the time to get the help you need to resolve your mask issues and start getting the most out of your therapy. Don’t put up with an uncomfortable or leaking mask any longer.

Complete the information below right now to get started…

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