My mask and/or tubing keeps collecting water droplets. How can I stop it?

Condensation in your mask or tube, often referred to as “”rain-out”” and can vary from just a few water droplets to a significant collection of water in your tube.

Rain-out is caused by the difference in temperature between the warm moist air in the CPAP and the colder air in your bedroom.

To solve this problem, you can one of three things: make the room warmer, keep your tubing warmer, or turn down your humidifier.

To keep your tubing warmer, you can put it under the covers with you, or cover it with a tubing cover. Or, as an even better solution, you can upgrade your CPAP to use a heated tube. Many manufacturers offer a heated tube option or add-on, or you can use the Hybernite ‘stand alone’ system that works with any CPAP.

Most of these solutions will be better than turning down your humidifier if you have any tendency toward waking with a dry mouth.

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