What will happen if I don’t wear my CPAP like my doctor told me?

People with sleep apnea stop breathing many times during the night. The very mildest case involves stopping breathing five times per hour and people with severe sleep apnea stop breathing as much as 400 times per night.

When this happens there are sometimes irregular heartbeats. And oxygen levels to the heart and brain sometimes drop and sometimes dramatically. This is a very serious medical condition. CPAP therapy is not easy but it is still the best therapy. Be patient, have courage, and be persistent. If you fail at this therapy ask your doctor to help you get a dental device, upgrade to a bi-level CPAP, or see if you’re a candidate for surgery.

Left untreated, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or quitting CPAP can lead to dangerous heart problems, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and other serious health risks.

More information about CPAP problems.

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