Is central sleep apnea common in the elderly?

Central sleep apnea is more common among older adults, especially adults older than age 65, possibly because they may have other medical conditions or sleep patterns that are more likely to cause central sleep apnea. (source: Mayo Clinic)

Primary central sleep apnea mostly affects middle-aged or elderly individuals. CSB-CSA increases in prevalence among individuals older than 60 years.[13] Age distribution in other central sleep apnea syndromes is unknown. (source: MedScape)

Johansson P, Alehagen U, Svanborg E, Dahlstrom U, Brostrom A. Sleep disordered breathing in an elderly community-living population: Relationship to cardiac function, insomnia symptoms and daytime sleepiness. Sleep Med. 2009 Oct. 10(9):1005-11. [Medline].

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