Does CPAP therapy help with weight loss?

Yes. CPAP can assist you in taking off extra weight. CPAP promotes good, consistant sleep during which the body produces more leptin, which is an appetite suppressant. CPAP also, of course, reduces the anxiety and cortisol production associated with sleep apnea. And the increased energy you get from better sleep helps you to be more active and enjoy your increasingly good health.

Author: Rick Clerici


2 thoughts on “Does CPAP therapy help with weight loss?

  1. The studies actually show that, over all, CPAP users gain weight. However, that is likely due to the magic pill syndrome. “If I take this pill (or use this CPAP), then the outcome will automatically be weight loss.” The fact is that weight loss is most common when people exercise and change their eating habits. Further, when one is getting proper sleep, it is easier to feel like working out and easier to maintain your resolve for diet change. A sleepy person just doesn’t do those things well. So, yes, CPAP can help with weight loss in an indirect way, but it does not work magically.

    1. Thanks Tom! As usual, you make well though-out points. :-)

      When we get around to editing this one, we’ll update it with your insights and credit you a contributor.

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