CPAP Dreams: Is vivid dreaming during CPAP use normal?

Yes ‘CPAP Dreams’ are a normal and common ‘side effect’ of CPAP therapy. Quite often, untreated OSA disrupts sleep so severely that the dream stage is constantly interrupted or never reached at all. When the OSA is suddenly eliminated by CPAP, dreams will often be more intense , memorable, and frequent as sleep is restored.

Early in therapy, CPAP dreams may occupy much of your sleep time for the first week or so. After that, the dreams will taper off toward the levels seen in normal, healthy adults.

If you have been using your CPAP for several months or years and are experiencing intense CPAP dreams that do not feel normal, you will want to have your CPAP data and settings checked by a professional CPAP therapist.  If your pressure is too high, you have excessive mask leak, or your mask is causing discomfort, these might be the cause of your CPAP dreams.

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Tips and Notes Related to CPAP Dreams

  • ‘CPAP dreams’ are a normal and common side effect
  • Untreated OSA disrupts sleep constantly interrupting the REM sleep stage
  • When OSA is eliminated by CPAP, dreams will become intense, memorable, and frequent
  • These dreams will eventually taper off and you will dream like a normal healthy adult

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Author: Rick Clerici

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