Bloody nose during CPAP use, How do I Deal With It?

A bloody nose during CPAP use is a common problem, especially in the beginning of CPAP therapy. If you have a heated humidifier, try adjusting the level of humidity to make sure you are getting maximum humidity without creating condensation in your tubing or CPAP Mask. You might also try using a nasal saline spray or a ‘neti pot’ before bedtime to moisten your nasal airway. To maximize humidity in your airway without causing ‘rainout’ in your tube, upgrade to a heated tube. Talk to your doctor if you continue to experience a bloody nose during CPAP use.

Making sure your machine is delivering an appropriate level of pressure is also important in keeping inflammation and congestion to a minimum.  If you use an auto adjusting CPAP, and it’s settings are correct your pressure is automatically optimized. If you use a standard CPAP have your CPAP data analyzed and your pressure checked by a professional to at least once per year and also when you have pressure-related problems (such as an unresolved bloody nose during CPAP use).

Get Help With Your CPAP Therapy, Including Bloody Nose During CPAP Use

The TotalCare Sleep Apnea disease management program is available free to any CPAP user and supported by qualified, professional, CPAP therapists. If you want help getting better sleep and better CPAP therapy, click here to create your free account, complete an interactive CPAP therapy checkup, and to give us some details about your CPAP equipment.

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2 thoughts on “Bloody nose during CPAP use, How do I Deal With It?

  1. I got a feeling of strangulation after using m y full face mask cpap machine for the third time. During cpap use I was ok, but after 3 hrs. I couldn’t tolerate it so I took mask off, and later felt a choking pressure feeling when ii laid down. This went on for was awful. Is this common? Ang suggestions?

    1. Instead of taking your unit in, I would YouTube it and figure out how to adjust your settings to your liking. I found my pressure was way too high and I was getting too much humidity. I also use the nose pillows as I felt like I was suffocating with the full face mask and the half mask.

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