How do I keep from getting a bloody nose during CPAP use?

A bloody nose during CPAP use is a common problem, especially in the beginning of CPAP therapy. If you have a heated humidifier, try adjusting the level of humidity to make sure you are getting maximum humidity without creating condensation in your tubing or CPAP Mask. You might also try using a nasal saline spray or a ‘neti pot’ before bedtime to moisten your nasal airway. To maximize humidity in your airway without causing ‘rainout’ in your tube, upgrade to a heated tube. Talk to your doctor if you continue to experience a bloody nose during CPAP use.

Making sure your machine is delivering an appropriate level of pressure is also important in keeping inflammation and congestion to a minimum.  If you use an auto adjusting CPAP, and it’s settings are correct your pressure is automatically optimized. If you use a standard CPAP have your CPAP data analyzed and your pressure checked by a professional to at least once per year and also when you have pressure-related problems (such as an unresolved bloody nose during CPAP use).


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