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CPAP Chin Strap Fitting Guide

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CPAP chin strap to keep your mouth closed during the night.

CPAP chin straps are beneficial for keeping your mouth closed during the night. If you are a mouth breather, you can use a nasal cpap mask or nasal pillows mask with a CPAP chin strap instead of using a full face mask.  Even if your mouth does not fully open, your jaw can relax during the night and cause your mask to leak — this is another reason to try a chin strap.

This CPAP Chin Strap is designed for comfort and exceptionally secure fit. It is thinner and lighter than other CPAP chin straps and it cups the chin at a lower angle to provide maximum support. This is made from one piece of soft-latex premium grade neoprene material and comes from size small, medium, and large.  The material is washable and durable.

The strap can be adjusted with Velcro straps across the top and back of the head.

How to fit the Ruby CPAP chin strap.

  1. Position the curved edge to the front and make sure the tag remains in the back.
  2. Slide the CPAP chin strap over the patients head and make sure the curved portion securely cups your chin.
  3. Check the sides to make sure your ears are not being touched and double check to make sure the tag is in the back.

If you have questions or problems with its fitting, this video will serve as a guide on the proper way to wear this particular CPAP chin strap.

CPAP Chin Strap, Ruby Style

 cpap chin strap

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