Immediate Opportunity for Independent CPAP Therapist and Sleep Educator – Boulder / Denver Colorado

Become an Independent TotalCare Therapy Associate


We recently announced the launch of our first OSA Continuum of Care pilot in Lafayette, Colorado and have an immediate opportunity for an independent CPAP Therapist and Sleep Educator to support this program and develop others in surrounding areas.  The program is currently being supported remotely, and we prefer to have someone local provide the needed services.

The first active primary care location to implement our program represents a significant opportunity for the right person to earn a commission while helping to support sleep apnea screening, home sleep testing, new CPAP patient set-ups, ongoing follow-up and support.

We also have an active ‘legacy’ patient recruitment process that helps you recruit patients from anywhere and manage them remotely.

If you are a qualified and experienced CPAP therapist who lives in the area and can begin seeing patients immediately, please create a demo account today and get in touch with us.  You can learn more about our Independent Therapy Associate program and create a demo account here.




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Goal: Help One Million Sleep Apnea Sufferers Connect With Better Health


A few years ago, I think it was early 2012, I attended an event in Denver put on by my friend Ken McArthur called The Impact Event.  At that event, Ken asked all of the attendees how they could positively impact the lives of 1 million or more people. It’s an exciting question and a great framework around what Ken does.

At that meeting, and after hearing the stories of dozens of inspiring people (Ken included) who were already positively impacting millions of people, I set my goal my next big goal — to help one million sleep apnea sufferers connect with better health.  Since then, this one overriding goal has driven my actions in my business life.

In the intervening time, we created the TotalCare eHealth platform and the TotalCare CPAP therapy program.  Now we have the mechanism and program to reach that goal.

There is a lot to say about the story that lead us to this point, perhaps I’ll blog about it, but today we are looking forward.

Here’s how the TotalCare platform connects Sleep Apnea Sufferers with better health. We connect people with…

  • Online screening & sleep disorder risk assessment
  • Easy access to home sleep testing and sleep physician consultations
  • CPAP and health data
  • Physicians and other clinical resources
  • CPAP Therapists and therapy providers
  • More effective CPAP therapy

We’re just getting started, but the entire TotalCare team is committed to our big goal.

We’ve started calling it our ‘Connect 1 Million’ campaign, and you will be hearing more about it in the coming days.

Want to get involved now? Visit our home page and select the account type that is right for you.

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After 8-year Development Saga, A Vision Comes To Life

tc_avatarI’ve been struggling with what to put into a blog post marking the launch of our new platform. It’s been a long time coming, but looking back, it’s remarkable how far we have traveled.

I’ve started and stopped for about 20 minutes and finally have resolved to share part of an ‘internal’ blog post I made to the TotalCare team.

I don’t have to tell you that we’ve had a hard path to get here.

I don’t have to tell you that what we have built together is remarkable, in many ways. Both now – and in many ways we have yet to see.

I don’t have to tell you that we will have a positive effect on the lives and health of hundreds of thousands, and then millions of people around the world.

We are crossing the chasm.

The digital divide.

The last mile in connected patient care.

What started as a wild concept 8 years ago is now in the palm of my hand.  It’s like making the plans for a bus route from San Francisco to New York, and ending up with a high-speed bullet train 8 years later.

Both get you from one point to another, but the scope, mode and speed are remarkably different.

We are addressing issues now that are at the heart of healthcare, not just in the US, but around the world.

Connecting patients and providers.  Connecting data among all stakeholders.  Providing scalable patient management protocols along the complete continuum of care. Tracking and improving outcomes at scale. Maximizing efficiencies. Patient empowerment… and on.

These are the things we do now, and will rapidly improve on as we go forward — and they are the biggest issues facing healthcare.

TotalCare is an eHealth technology platform that helps individuals manage their personal health and helps their healthcare providers manage more patients, more effectively, and more efficiently.

Learn more, and join us at the heart of the digital healthcare revolution.

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What eHealth Program Would You Choose

healthThe TotalCare eHealth programs are designed to help people change their health habits, track and improve their therapy, or assess their risk for different medical conditions. These online programs offer a step-by-step approach to behavioral change that are tailored to your wellness goals. Our programs are focused on making eHealth easier and more effective for users, therapy providers, and clinicians and to help everyone involved get the best possible result from any therapy.  Depending upon which program you enroll in, you may expect to receive, among other things:

  • The tools to create a plan and measure your progress toward meeting your goals
  • Your private, customized to-do list to help you achieve your goals
  • Quick interactive checkups to make sure your therapy stays on track
  • The ability to monitor, log and analyze important ‘health metrics’ such as weight, activity, sleep, blood pressure, sleep quality and more
  • Connect ‘wearable’ or ‘health peripheral’ devices Including, FitBit™, Jawbone™, Withings™, MapMyFitness™, and many more
  • Store and share prescriptions, medical studies, and other health documents in a secure environment
  • The TotalCare eHealth platform provides therapy providers and clinicians with a secure, private way to connect with and easily support users who need assistance.

Which of the following programs would interest you? (Choose up to 4)

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Weekly Update: New Better Sleep Program Sponsor – RemZzzs

This has been an exciting week at CPAP TotalCare. In fact so much is happening so fast, we decided that we need to start publishing a weekly update.

RemZzzs Sponsors Better Sleep Program

We are thrilled to announce our first sponsor for the Better Sleep Program RemZzzs®. RemZzzs CPAP mask liners is a high-quality product that we firmly believe in. So many people suffer from various mask problems every night and RemZzzs is the best product to solve them. The mask absorbs moisture and facial oil on the face, giving you relief from mask problems.

There are numerous mask problems that can be solved, simply by wearing a mask liner with your mask every night. The liner provides a barrier between your skin and the silicone of the mask, reducing skin irritation and leaks.

In 2007, Robert Routan’s (RemZzzs founder and CEO) wife was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. She had trouble sleeping with the mask on and her doctor didn’t have a solution for the irritation and leaking of the mask. He came up with the idea to try a piece of cotton to put in between the mask and her face. That first night, she slept for a much needed 7 hours, with dreams. They tried the liners every night for 3 weeks and she was thrilled to tell her doctor how well she was doing. They decided to patent the liners so they could bring them to CPAP users all over the world.

With the help of RemZzzs mask liners, your mask problems will get better, which means you will be able to sleep better. CPAP TotalCare’s goal is to help CPAP users sleep better so we are so excited to be working with a product that has improved so many lives.

See how you can get a 6 day sample of RemZzzs here.

Better Sleep for CPAP Users Is Launching Soon

Please bear with us as we put the finishing touches on our registration system for the Better Sleep Program.  The team has been developing special content for our members including a huge list of Low Carb Recipes, ‘Open Airway Yoga’ exercises, and a sleep optimization program called Get Renewable Energy Every night.  We’re also excited that work has started on the development of our specialized Better Sleep protocol which will be an interactive process to help CPAP users improve their sleep.  Look for the launch announcement and press release soon!

Active Recruitment Has Begun for Our Exclusive Network of CPAP Therapy Associates

While our Therapy Associates program is still in limited invitation-only release, the CPAP TotalCare team has begun inviting a small group of qualified CPAP providers around the country to join us in our early beta phase.  If you are CPAP provider who is committed to providing the highest standard of care for your patients, and have not yet receive an invitation, please use the contact form on this website to get in touch with us.

Join Our ‘Better Sleep for CPAP Users’ Community on Facebook

This group was created as a place to share advice and strategies for getting better sleep with CPAP.  We wanted to provide an easily-accessible place where CPAP users and clinicians can connect. Please visit and join the group here…

10 Effective Sleep Habits for Everyone Infographic

We’ve seen a lot of attention and social sharing around the infographic that we put out recently that describes 10 habits anyone can adopt to improve their sleep. Check out the post here and please share the infographic with your networks.

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Free 6 Day Supply of RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners

Free 6 Night Sample of RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners at no cost or obligation.

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners
RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners

We are intensely focused on providing CPAP users with the tools, resources and support they need in order to get the best possible result from their experience with CPAP Therapy.

CPAP TotalCare has formed an alliance with Naturs Design, the makers of RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners so we can bring more effective CPAP therapy and better sleep to CPAP users.  Through this alliance, RemZzzs has agreed to provide a free 6-night sample pack to all CPAP TotalCare users. The RemZzzs CPAP mask liner acts as a barrier between the skin and the silicone of the mask’s cushion, virtually eliminating all of the most common problems associated with wearing a CPAP mask.

Each free 6-Day Kit comes with 6 RemZzzs mask liners and 1 forehead liner. Use the forehead liner if you are experiencing red marks from you mask’s forehead support. RemZzzs has liners to fit the most popular CPAP masks. The RemZzzs CPAP mask liner comes in Small, Medium, or Large sizes for most of the top manufactured masks on the market. Each order comes with a 6-day supply of RemZzzs liners specific to your size mask.

All you need to do is create a CPAP TotalCare account, fill in your equipment profile (so we know which one to give you), and submit a help desk ticket from inside of your members area.  Be sure to have your shipping address filled out also, so we know where to send your free RemZzzs mask liners.

When you submit the help desk ticket to get your Free mask liners, just say – “Send me my free RemZzzs CPAP Mask liners” and we will send them right out!

Click here to signup and grab your Free Remzzzs CPAP Mask Liners!

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Free CPAP Supplies for a Year!

We’re excited to announce our first-ever free CPAP supplies contest.  All  you have to do is enter and Tweet about the contest and you will be entered into a drawing for a full year of CPAP supplies!


Tweet For A Chance to Win FREE CPAP Supplies For One Full Year!!

Contest ends September 19th at 5 pm Eastern time.  At that time we will draw a random entry and notify the lucky winner by email as well as posting it on!

Supply package includes the following and varies according to your CPAP machine and mask type.

  • Mask (1)
  • Cushion Replacement (2)
  • Headgear Replacement (1)
  • CPAP Tubing (4)
  • Disposable Filter (24)
  • Non-Disposable Filters (2)
  • Mask Wipes (12 Packages)

Visit the contest page on Facebook to enter…

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Personalized CPAP Mask Improvement Program

Having Issues or Problems With Your CPAP Mask?

Want to Explore Other Mask Options?

Welcome to The Personalized Mask Improvement Program

Mask problems such as leakage or discomfort are not only frustrating, but they can also have serious consequences. High leak can reduce the effectiveness of your therapy, and unresolved mask issues are the most frequent cause of discontinuing therapy. In other words, improving your CPAP mask experience is critical for your quality of life, but also the continuance of your therapy and your overall health.

(Update: We have found that RemZzzzs CPAP Mask Liners can solve many common mask problems.)

Fortunately, you do not have to resolve your mask issues alone, let us connect you with an experienced Clinical CPAP Therapist who will serve your personal mask consultant to help you find just the right mask for you. Mask problems are common, and our therapists have seen them all. Whether your mask is leaking, uncomfortable, bulky, broken, or loud, we can help you solve your mask problem through one-on-one interaction and support.

Our Personalized Mask Improvement Program is a concierge service that GUARANTEES that you will find the best possible long-term mask solution for your particular needs and preferences.  Through private one-on-one video consultations, your Clinical CPAP Therapist will work with you to diagnose your mask issues, understand your needs and preferences, and recommend solutions.  Your personal therapist will be available for a full six months for as many consultations as you need.

When it comes to solving mask problems, experience counts. All of our therapists have extensive experience with working with CPAP patients. They are dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping CPAP users get the most out of their therapy.

Step-by-Step Program

  • Create a CPAP TotalCare Account &  Complete Your Equipment & Therapy Profile

The CPAP TotalCare web based therapy management software makes it easy to create, store, and share a detailed equipment profile and also to store important information about the current status of your therapy.  After you register for the program below, you will be directed to a page where you can create your free CPAP TotalCare account.  After you create your account, you will create an equipment profile and your first ‘interactive therapy checkup. By answering a few questions in advance of your initial video consultation, you will be providing your therapist with critical information to help you get the results you want from the program.

  • telehealthguyInitial Video Consultation

Within 24 hours, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for an initial video consultation with your Clinical CPAP Therapist.  During your consultation, your therapist will give you a recap of the program and collect payment. Together, you will explore the issues you are having with your current mask and assist you in choosing a new mask.   Every mask in our catalog is available as an option and the program includes the cost of the mask.

  • Try-out Your New Mask

We want you to be happy with your new mask selection and the only way you will know if your new mask solves your mask problems is to use it.  Use your new mask for up to 30 days risk free. If at any time during the first 30 nights you decide you aren’t satisfied with your new mask, simply return it and your therapist will then assist you in picking a new one. No matter how many times you exchange your trial mask for a new one during the six-month program, you won’t pay any additional fees beyond shipping and handling charges for the replacement masks.

Any time you want help with fitting, adjustments, or anything else related to your mask, just schedule another video consultation with your therapist.

One-On-One Support From Your Personal Therapist Through Video Conferencing

The only thing better than having direct access to an expert who is passionate about what they do and committed to helping you get the most out of your therapy is being able to do it in the comfort of your own home.  Because we use the latest TeleHealth video conferencing technology we make it easy to have a face-to-face consultation at home.  Our video platform can be used by anyone with any mobile device or computer that has a microphone and webcam.


Includes Your Choice of Any Mask In Our Catalog

We want to help you put your mask problems behind you, so we’ve made every mask in our catalog available to you.  With the advice of your therapist, you have plenty of options to choose from including the latest and greatest masks on the market.


CPAP TotalCare Web-Based Therapy Management Software

The CPAP TotalCare web-based software makes it easy to track your therapy results, manage your equipment maintenance schedule, ask questions and get answers from qualified CPAP Therapists, find and view relevant videos, store documents and share them in a secure environment, and so much more!

The CPAP TotalCare software allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the data that is coming from your CPAP, as well as other health devices, with your very own personalized Therapy Dashboard. Look deeper into the health data you are creating and invite your clinicians to view your information to help maximize your therapy. With your personalized Therapy Dashboard you will be able to set goals and see how you are progressing over time.

With CPAP TotalCare you receive:

  • Interactive Checkups To Track Your Therapy History and Device Data
  • Equipment Notifications & Maintenance Reminders
  • Video Reference Library & Searchable FAQ Tuned Specifically for Your Equipment
  • Track Your Therapy and Health Data From All Major CPAPs
  • Store and Share Your Health Documents in a Secure Environment
  • Easy Self-service Supply Ordering

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time during the next six months you are not 100% satisfied with the service and results you get from this program, simply let us know and we will fix the problem. If we cannot fix the problem to your satisfaction, return your mask for a full refund.

Fees & Registration

All of the features of the program are available to you for a one-time fee of $249.

Remember, under the program you get unlimited video-conference support from an experienced professional, a new mask from any mask in our catalog, unlimited mask exchanges until you find the right mask, access to our full catalog range of masks, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and much more.

Now is the time to get the help you need to resolve your mask issues and start getting the most out of your therapy. Don’t put up with an uncomfortable or leaking mask any longer.

Complete the information below right now to get started…

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Seeking CPAP Therapy Providers To Become CPAP TotalCare Associates

CPAP TotalCare therapy associate program

At CPAP TotalCare, we are on a quest to build the worlds most effective CPAP Therapy management software for Therapy Providers, their patients, and referring physicians.

We are intensely focused on providing CPAP Providers with the tools and technology they need in order to get the best possible results for their patients. We’re addressing the fundamental problems and inefficiencies related to managing CPAP Therapy.

The CPAP TotalCare therapy program provides the highest standard of care while reducing overhead.

We are making best practices scalable and profitable through…

  • Standardized equipment, patient management protocols and business processes.
  • Systemic tracking and testing to increase efficiency, improve outcomes, and improve profit.
  • Low-cost interactive follow-up – with email, text messaging, web & mobile technologies, automated voice messaging systems, and even postal mail.
  • Self-service, self-pay equipment and supply ordering with support for filing health insurance claims.
  • Efficient patient management technology – our systems automate many tasks and greatly streamline the others.
  • Digital integration along the continuum of care — which improves the overall patient experience, reduces data-entry time significantly, and provides ready-access to patient information and data
  • Therapy and health metrics tracking including support for all major CPAP devices and health peripherals including Withings, FitBit, and Jawbone devices.
  • And finally, hands-on patient care through our network of clinical associates and partners – which means patients have face-to-face help when they need it.

If you are a patient-centered CPAP Therapy provider, we invite you to contact us to set up an appointment for a live, one-on-one demo.

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