Auto CPAP Machine: Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle 254 – Set Up

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Auto CPAP Machine – Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle 254 – is an auto-adjusting CPAP System designed to enhance comfort and compliance. Included in its packaging is an auto-CPAP with an integrated heated humidifier, a smart stick, 2 water chambers, a breathing tube, a power cord, one spare filter, a funnel and a travel bag.

Here are the steps to set up this unit:

1. Remove your Auto CPAP from the packaging. Place your device on the low-shelf below your sleeping head height. The height is important to prevent water from the breathing tube.

2. Connect the power cord to your Auto CPAP and plug the other end into the household power socket. Switch power on at the wall to activate the LCD display on the unit.

3. Remove one water chamber from the package and discard the protective blue caps. Fill the water chamber to the maximum filling line with distilled water. The use of distilled water will extend the life your chamber. Never fill the chamber when it is attached to the Auto CPAP.

4. Attach the water chamber into the Auto CPAP by presssing down the finger guide and sliding the chamber on. When the chamber is fitted correctly, the finger guide will click into place.

5. One of the end breathing tube has a white plastic connector. Push this onto the chamber outlet and connect the other end of the tube to the mask.

6. Insert the smart stick. The smart stick port is located at the rear of the device. Detach the cap and ensure the smart stick is inserted in the correct orientation. The smart stick indicates your treatment data.

Now you’re Auto CPAP is ready to use. Watch this video for a more detailed set of information and guidelines.

Auto CPAP Machine, ResMed S9 AutoSet

Auto CPAP Machine


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