Sleep Apnea Mask Problems and Solutions

Sleep Apnea Mask ProblemsSleep Apnea Mask Problems: #1 Dry Mouth

One of the first sleep apnea mask problems that I want to talk about is dry mouth.  If you wake with a dry mouth, chances are that you sleep with your mouth open – don’t worry, a lot of CPAP users do this. CPAP therapy can cause slight dry mouth on it’s own, but if you sleep with your mouth wide open, the problem can be seriously exacerbated.

There are only two primary solutions to dry mouth 1) use some method to keep your mouth closed at night and/or 2) use a full face mask with maximum humidity and other solutions to keep your mouth and tongue from drying out.

Keeping Your Mouth Closed During The Night

One solution that has worked for many CPAP users is to use surgical tape. Try 3″ 3M Micropore tape with one piece directly across your mouth and two more pieces from the jaw to the cheeks on either side of the mouth. The pieces on either side of your mouth help keep the tape over your mouth in place during the night.

You can also try using a chin strap – they work best with nasal masks, but can be made to work with full face masks as well, but if your mouth is not open at night, you do not need a mask that covers it.

We recommend the Philips Respironics Premium Universal Chin Strap

In some cases, dry mouth can be directly, or indirectly related to your pressure setting being too high, but hopefully your settings have already been optimized.

Humidification and Other Methods for Keeping Your Mouth and Tongue from Drying Out

Make sure you use as heated humidifier with your CPAP.  Most sleep doctors believe that everyone can benefit from heated humidification, especially those with mid to high range pressures, so hopefully you already have a heated humidifier.

You can also use Biotene products for dry mouth which include mouth sprays and gels, the gel seems to be most effective.   Some patients have reported success using Xylimelts tablets in their mouth prior to sleeping with their CPAP. Please check with your doctor first about using Xylimelts.


Sleep Apnea Mask Problems: #2 Mask Leak

Leaking or poor mask seal is the most common issue that CPAP users have to deal with.  Not only is mask leak annoying, but a heavy leak may exceed your CPAPs ability to maintain the prescribed pressure and have a negative impact on your therapy.

The silicone of a CPAP seal is very soft and it can crease if you over tighten it or when the mask moves around.  The first tendency for most people when presented with a leak is to tighten the straps more – this not only caused pain and discomfort, but also makes the problem worse. CPAP masks are designed to gently sit on your face without needing to be applied tightly.

Masks can be very durable, but they aren’t designed to last forever. Periodically check your cushions for tears, or changes in texture and flexibility which can cause increased leaking. Replace them when necessary.  Similarly, if your mask frame is worn or damaged, and/or your headgear is stretched out of shape, you will need to replace them.

maskmate for sleep apnea mask problemsMaskMate helps with a lot of sleep apnea mask problems.  You simply apply MaskMate to your mask to STOP air leaks, whether its facial hair, smile lines, skin wrinkles, or any other issue that is making your mask leak, this will stop the leaks.  It also helps to alleviate many of the other problems associated with your sleep apnea mask.

MaskMate Provides a Long List of Benefits:

  • Significantly Reduces Air Leaks
  • Stops Annoying CPAP Mask Noises
  • Improves Compliance and Increases CPAP Mask Comfort
  • Helps to Restore Smooth and Healthy Skin
  • Allows Users To Loosen Their Mask Headgear Without Compromising the Mask Seal
  • Comfortably Holds Mask in Place
  • Works Well With a Beard or Mustache
  • FDA Approved
  • Won’t Degrade Mask

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Sleep Apnea Mask Problems: #3 Marks and Redness from the Mask

Getting a rash or redness from your mask? It could be you are wearing it too tight, not cleaning it well enough or it may be wearing out.

Even the very best mask out there may cause skin irritation when it’s getting close to the end of its life span. When you are wearing your mask every night, it will eventually wear out. Plus, when the cushion part of the mask degrades, its flexibility decreases, which increases the risk of leaks.

It’s a good idea to replace your mask every six months. You also need to replace the headgear, tubing and humidifier chamber, as well as the air intake filter, which is the small sponge in the back of your CPAP machine. When this sponge becomes clogged with dust, it reduces the uptake of air into the CPAP machine, which in turn can cause you to feel a reduced airflow and may cause the unit to overheat.

This, of course, will also negatively impact the benefits of your CPAP therapy.  Most health insurances will allow for CPAP equipment to be replaced every six months, so do it. Be sure to ask your therapy provider if you are unsure.

MaskMate is also a great way to ease that irritation and help to seal the leaks.

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What eHealth Program Would You Choose

healthThe TotalCare eHealth programs are designed to help people change their health habits, track and improve their therapy, or assess their risk for different medical conditions. These online programs offer a step-by-step approach to behavioral change that are tailored to your wellness goals. Our programs are focused on making eHealth easier and more effective for users, therapy providers, and clinicians and to help everyone involved get the best possible result from any therapy.  Depending upon which program you enroll in, you may expect to receive, among other things:

  • The tools to create a plan and measure your progress toward meeting your goals
  • Your private, customized to-do list to help you achieve your goals
  • Quick interactive checkups to make sure your therapy stays on track
  • The ability to monitor, log and analyze important ‘health metrics’ such as weight, activity, sleep, blood pressure, sleep quality and more
  • Connect ‘wearable’ or ‘health peripheral’ devices Including, FitBit™, Jawbone™, Withings™, MapMyFitness™, and many more
  • Store and share prescriptions, medical studies, and other health documents in a secure environment
  • The TotalCare eHealth platform provides therapy providers and clinicians with a secure, private way to connect with and easily support users who need assistance.

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RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners
RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners

We are intensely focused on providing CPAP users with the tools, resources and support they need in order to get the best possible result from their experience with CPAP Therapy.

CPAP TotalCare has formed an alliance with Naturs Design, the makers of RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners so we can bring more effective CPAP therapy and better sleep to CPAP users.  Through this alliance, RemZzzs has agreed to provide a free 6-night sample pack to all CPAP TotalCare users. The RemZzzs CPAP mask liner acts as a barrier between the skin and the silicone of the mask’s cushion, virtually eliminating all of the most common problems associated with wearing a CPAP mask.

Each free 6-Day Kit comes with 6 RemZzzs mask liners and 1 forehead liner. Use the forehead liner if you are experiencing red marks from you mask’s forehead support. RemZzzs has liners to fit the most popular CPAP masks. The RemZzzs CPAP mask liner comes in Small, Medium, or Large sizes for most of the top manufactured masks on the market. Each order comes with a 6-day supply of RemZzzs liners specific to your size mask.

All you need to do is create a CPAP TotalCare account, fill in your equipment profile (so we know which one to give you), and submit a help desk ticket from inside of your members area.  Be sure to have your shipping address filled out also, so we know where to send your free RemZzzs mask liners.

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